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    • Effect of Th impurities on the α - γ transition in metallic Ce 

      Alascio, B. R.; López, A. (Instituto de Física "Dr. José A. Balseiro". Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, 1971)
      The model of Ramirez and Falicov for α - γ transition in Ce has been extended to the Ce-Th system. Convenient approximations give simple relations between transition temperatures and pressures and the parameters of the ...
    • Low temperature specifie heat of Th-U. 

      Luengo, C. A.; Catignola, J. M.; Sereni, J. G. R.; Sweedler, A.R.; Maple, M.B.; Huber, J.G. (1971)
      The low temperature specific heat of the weakly nagnetic system ThU has been measured in both the normal and superconducting states. U impurities are found to enhance the normal state electronic specific heat coefficient ...

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