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    • 131Sn decay 

      Huck, H. A.; Pérez, M. L.; Rossi, J. J.; Sofía,R. M. (1981)
      A level scheme for 131Sb is proposed taking into account the gamma-ray energy and intensity and the gamma-gamma coincidences obtained in the decay of 131Sn. The samples were obtained using on-line mass-separation techniques ...
    • A 25 años de la primera reacción nuclear en cadena 

      Flegenheimer, J. G. (Asociación Argentina para el Progreso de las Ciencias, 1967)
      En la tarde del 2 de diciembre de 1942 tuvo lugar, en una vieja cancha de pelota perteneciente a la Universidad de Chicago, la primera reacción nuclear en cadena provocada por la mano del hombre. En los días sucesivos, ...
    • A comparative review of certain Gauge theories of the gravitational field. 

      Basombrío, F. G.; Sánchez Sarmiento, Gustavo (Springer Science, 1980)
      A general formal analysis is made trying to obtain a better understanding and greater syn thesis of the mathematical structure of the gravitational field’s Gauge theories. Under this approach, some misstatements appearing ...
    • A comparison between gel grown and solution grown crystals - case of ADP and KDP 

      Lefaucheux, F.; Robert, M. C.; Manghi, E. M. (1982)
      Water soluble crystals such as ADP and KDP have been grown in TMS gels by different techniques. A study of growth defects by X-ray topography shows that these gel grown crystals obtained by a very simple technique can be ...
    • A countercurrent gaseous diffusion process. Theory of the separation at equilibrium 

      Mc Millan, Juan A. (1956)
      An experim ental device for the obtention of a gaseous diffusion countercurrent process is proposed. The theory of the separation at equilibriurn for a binary isotopic m ixture is developed on the basis of the transport ...
    • A model for the rubber-llke behaviour in CU-Zn-Al martensitea. 

      Ahlers, M.; Barceló, G. N.; Rapacioli, R. (Pergamos Press, 1978)
      In a previous paper the rubber like behavior of Cu-Zn-Al martensites was described and the crystallography of the corresponding transformation was analyzed. It was shown that the deformation of the martensite leads to the ...
    • A new ferroelectric: Guanidinium uranyl sulfate trihydrate. 

      Lanza de Dussel, H.; Wainer, L. S. de; Rodríguez de Benyacar, M. A. (Taylor & Francis, 1978)
      Dielectric behaviour studies have been carried out on (C(NH2) 3) 2) - UO2 - (SO4)2 - 3H2O, a member of the family of guanidinium sulfate hydrates. The uranyl compound, which is not isomorphous with G.A.S.H., is ferroelectric ...
    • A note on the equation of state for systems that underqo valence changes. 

      Alascio, B.; Lopez, A. (Pergamon Press, 1974)
      In this paper we want to discuss in a simple way the equation of state of a system that undergoes valence changes. This requires consideration of the cohesive energy of the compounds which is, in general, a major problem. ...
    • A regularization method for Fourier series of discontinuous functions 

      Garibotti, C. R.; Massaro, P. A. (1982)
      A regularization procedure, based on the punctual Padé approximants, is used to treat Fourier series of discontinuous functions. The arising difficulties for such series are easily overcome by this method. Probably the sam ...
    • A renormalisation group technique for spin and gauge systems with topological excitations 

      Aldazabal, G. M.; Parga, N. O. (American Physics Society, 1982)
      We present a real space renormalisation group technique able to deal explicitly with gases of topological excitations. As examples we consider the two-dimensional X Y model and the three-dimensional compact electrodynamics.
    • A study of neutron damage in be-doped copper 

      Ipohorski, M.; Brown, L. M. (Taylor & Francis, 1970)
      The experiments of Mclntyre (1957) on the nature of the defects induced by fast neutrons in copper have been repeated, and confirm his result. It is shown that the addition of a small amount of beryllium to the copper does ...
    • About the Calculation of Electronic Transitions in the Original CNDO/2 Treatment 

      Finkelstein, G.; Segre de Giambiagi, M.; Giambiagi, M. (1973)
      The original C N D O /2 m ethod is adapted to the open shell case in order to calcúlate the first singlet-triplet electronic transition. The m olecular wave functions are optim ized, m inim izingthefundam ental and excited ...
    • Adiabatic effects in atomic inner-shell ionization by heavy charged particles. 

      Goldberg, E. C.; Ponce, V. H. (American Chemical Society, 1980)
      The K -shell ionization of a heavy atom by a slow light ion is studied by allowing the initial electron state to relax under the potential of the projectile. General estimates are given for monopole and dipole transitions ...
    • An electron mlicroscopic study of martensite formation in B Cu-Zn. 

      Rapacioli, R.; Ahlers, M. (Pergamon Press, 1973)
      The nucleation and growth of martensite that is representative of bulk material is difficult to observe by transmission electrón microscopy
    • An idealized model of supercurrent 

      Beck, G. (1969)
      It is shown tliat there exista a simple model which reproduces qualitatively the main oharacteristic features of a current flowing through a superconducting material. The model refers to a case of strong coupling which is ...
    • An intermolecular force field for chlorinated benzene crystals. 

      Bonadeo, H. A.; D'Alessio. E. A. (American Chemical Society's, 1973)
      Intermolecular potential parameters corresponding to atom -atom interactions of the Buckingham form are refined on the basis of static and dynamic properties of some chlorinated benzene crystals. The model reproduces well ...
    • Analysis of experimental veloc:ity distributions of convoy electrons. 

      Meckbach, W.; Arista, N. R.; Brandt, W. (American Chemical Society, 1978)
      Available data on the properties of velocity distributions of electrons accompanying ions in the velocity range from 1 to 5 au emerging from gas and solid carbón targets, for incident H+ and H2 beams, are presented in a ...
    • Analytical determination of heat flow shape factors for composite, prismatic bars of doubly-connected cross section. 

      Laura, P. A. A.; Sánchez Sarmiento, G. (North Holland Publishing Co., 1978)
      Cylindrical or prismatic configurations are used in many engineering situations (nuclear, mechanical, etc.). Oddly shaped, doubly-connected geometries are required in some applications, and generated in general computer-oriented ...
    • Análisis de la resonancia antiferromagnéticaen KNiF3. 

      Curatella, S.; Causa, María Teresa; Misetich, A. A. (Asociación Física Argentina, 1976)
      Analizamos la aplicabilidad para sistemas cúbicos de las ecuaciones de movimiento de Kittel para un sistema antiferrooagnetico uniaxial. Calculamos el campo de resonancia antiferromagnética en función de la temperatura ...
    • Angular dependence of g-shifts of Kramer's doublets in a crystal under uniaxial stress. 

      Calvo, Rafael; Fainstein, C.; Oseroff, S. B.; Terrile, M. C (1969)
      We measured the angular dependence of the g-shifts of the F 7 doublet in Dy3+ : CaF2 under uniaxial stress. The data are compared with the predictions of a model for the orbit-lattice interaction.

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